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The Last Slice a video by Dana Ross

$10.00 / Sold Out

Dana Ross' newest skateboard video featuring Tim Bennett, Grady Moquin, Shane Brown, Jan Jacobson, Trevor Carlson, and Pete Klink

In the words of Platinum Seagulls' Mike Munzenrider:

"For some time now, Ross has claimed this will be his final film, promising some sort of totemic sacrifice of his video camera at the premiere. We'll see. But then, what would be next for the pie-auteur? It's difficult to imagine him turning his back on a decade of skateboard documentation; it seems that something like You Want The Crust?> is inevitable.
If Ross does indeed hang it up, while, in a literal sense, there won't be big shoes to fill, he'll still have left his mark on wonky skateboard video making and it's assured he'll continue to raise consciousness about one's most recent consumption of pizza."